We are a parent-child Spanish program that aspires to ignite the spark of language learning in families in San Antonio, Tx. and surrounding areas.

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Bee-lingual Bees‘ playdates are the first step to take in your Spanish learning journey.

Let us give you and your family the foundations and basics of the new language so you can feel at ease as your children start a dual language program at school. Our classes are designed so both you and your little ones learn Spanish at the same time, that way nobody gets left behind.

  • Franzi Wedeking
    My 3 year old daughter and I loved the Bee-lingual Bees session. The songs were fun, easy to sing along and stuck with us for days to come. Bee-lingual Bees does a wonderful job engaging the kids with different instruments; we can't wait for the next lesson!
    Franzi Wedeking
    San Antonio, Tx
  • Teresa Centeno-Geffre
    The Bee-lingual Bees program was so fun for us! My 3 year old  was entranced by Mrs. Liz's enthusiasm and the songs were easy and fun to sing along to. All the children are just naturally attracted to her so it was easy for her to capture their attention. It was a very enjoyable, educational session for my little one and I. Thank you Bee-lingual Bees!
    Teresa Centeno-Geffre
    New Braunfels, Tx

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