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Our Purpose

Bee-lingual Bees was created with two main goals; to teach Spanish to both children and parents and to encourage multi-cultural awareness within families in our current global society.

We believe wholeheartedly that learning a new language not only helps your little one with social development, but it also assists in shaping their personality by encouraging diversity, acceptance and understanding between peers.

We aim to inspire a love for a new language and culture and do our best to motivate participants to learn between 6 to 10 words or short-sentences in each class. With your help, children will explore and learn about rhythm, patterns, social interaction, language development, body awareness and problem solving, which promote a successful transition into school.

At Bee-lingual Bees, we want to ignite the spark of multicultural awareness in young children and we believe that learning a new language is the first step to understanding and accepting other cultures. Our mission is to encourage families to try new things, practice empathy and to learn from the diverse populations that share the planet with us.

About Liz

Liz Davila is the owner and founder of Bee-lingual Bees; originally from Monterrey, Mexico she came to San Antonio in 2005 and now calls it her home. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UIW and has an immense love and interest for Psychology, Children’s development and Multicultural issues.

She is now attending graduate school at OLLU, to become an LMFT specialized in Play Therapy.

Liz has 10+ years of experience working with and for children as a teacher, daycare assistant director and support group leader.

When she’s not working on developing Bee-lingual Bees, you may find her singing with a local band around San Antonio. She’s also a devoted Hanson fan (and thinks you should go listen to their post-Mmmbop albums, right now!).